Richard Carlson April 2012.

I wanted to celebrate my retirement by hunting Red Stags in new Zealand. I did my research and Amplehunting seemed to have the best hunting value available. I contacted BJ on several occasions and on each contact he answered every question quickly and in detail. The hunt was beyond my expectations which were very high and I was able to harvest a great red Stag,during my five day hunt. here are the highlights of this hunt and why I would recommend it. 

1. This hunting was exciting and challenging. 
2. The scenery was breathtaking. 
3. My wife was welcomed on the hunt to take pictures and we were able to make a great photo album which will last a lifetime. 
4. BJ is an exelant guide and hunter. He understands his animals. 
5. The price was truly all inclusive. 
6 We received a video of my Red Stag hunt which was well edited by BJ 
7. The preperation of the head and antlers before we left to return to the US was an appreciated perk and we got wonderfull photo's of it. 

Posted: Monday 2 April 2012