Terms and Conditions

1) AmpleHunting will perform services in accordance with accepted industry standards.

2) Clients acknowledge that in the course of AmpleHunting, it’s directors, guides and Subcontractors, performing the services of hunting and related activities for the client, they may be at risk of suffering personal injury, accident or death and that the clients expressly waive any right to sue or otherwise bring a claim against AmpleHunting, in respect of any such injury, accident or death and whether there be loss directly or indirectly caused by the same. This provision shall also be binding on the clients personal representatives. The Clients also wave any right to bring action against the agents, employees or other personal representatives of AmpleHunting, and accepts that if they should insure against such risks then the insurer shall have no right to take action against AmpleHunting or their agents employees or personal representatives, by subrogation or otherwise.

3) This agreement shall be governed solely by the laws of New Zealand whose courts shall, subject to clause 5 hereof, have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute arising under or relevant to this agreement or the relationship between the company and clients.

4) All disputes and differences between the parties in respect of the interpretation of this agreement shall be referred to mediation by a mediator agreed upon by both parties.

5) All clients agree to comply with all reasonable and lawful directions given by the company or its agents, guides or subcontractors in performing the services offered by the company. Breaking any New Zealand laws or acting with blatant disregard with firearms safety, gross misconduct, (any verbal or physical abuse towards the company or its agents, guides or subcontractors) will result in immediate termination of hunter contract.

6) Force Majeure. If due to an act of God, accident, fire, coma, lockout, strike or other labour dispute, riot or civil commotion, enactment, rule or act of war or terrorism, epidemics, earthquakes or other disasters, or other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Company, The Company is unable to perform the services as a result of the above. However the Company will use its best endeavours to overcome the event and minimize the loss to the client and will continue to perform it’s obligations as far as practicable. The Company shall not be under any obligation to make refund to the client where the Company is unable to perform it’s obligations in these circumstances.

7) All trophies hunted and taken by the clients of the Company remain the property of the Company until the entire hunt has been paid for in full.

8) The client shall obtain all necessary medical insurance, and shall take medical advice precautions having regard to the area to be visited. Due to the nature of activities undertaken the client shall be responsible for ensuring their physical and mental fitness and that they suffer from no harmful diseases that may affect any other person.

9) Every effort to assist the client to taking the best shot possible on game will be made including range practice before the hunt, accurate shot distance advice and providing an adequate rest to shoot from, the final decision to take the shot is made by the client, all animals wounded and lost must be paid for in full, every effort will be made to recover wounded game by AmpleHunting.

10) AmpleHunting reserves the right to use any photography or film taken during the clients hunt for its own promotion and general publicity without any payment or consent from the client.

11) Clients acknowledge that they have read and fully understand the terms of this agreement and enter into it of their own free will and acknowledge that they are not under any duress or incapacity of any sort and have the opportunity to take legal advice. Please contact us if you have any questions, if you are satisfied with these terms and conditions please sign the space below and return this contract as soon as possible.